Announcing a new kind of angel...a Song Angel!

I’m happy to say that my young adult novel, Song Angel, is on the shelves. It’s available at Vancouver Kidsbooks and If you’re a teacher or teacher-librarian, you can also purchase it at United Library Services. It’s aimed at Grades 6 to 10.

Song Angel is an experiment for me. I self-published it, and so far it’s been a good experience. An American company called Booklocker did the heavy lifting; they typeset it, got the ISBN and had it printed, and their graphic artist designed the cover. I’m very happy with the physical package….it’s a fine-looking book! (and it’s available from Booklocker and Amazon as an epub!)

I’ll keep you posted as I explore this self-publishing adventure. Because now the rest is up to me, which mostly means marketing. Which means time. Which makes me laugh.

However, I’m starting here and it’s working!

I mean…you know about it, right?