Le Camion 21 is a translation of my earlier story, Number 21. It's the most autobiographical of my books; it tells the story of my first family - Dad, Mom, my sister Laurie and my brother Duncan - and Dad's truck, Number 21. The only parts that are not true are where I needed to bolster my somewhat sketchy memory of things that happened a LONG time ago. (Sometimes I'm lucky if I can remember what happened yesterday.)

Recently, Le Camion 21 was chosen as one of this year's Reading Lights. Reading Lights is a co-project of the Children's Writers and Illustrators of BC (CWILL BC) and the Vancouver Public Library (both awesome institutions!). These two groups have now placed 60 plaques all around Vancouver in places kids hang out - schools, parks, community centres and playgrounds. They feature excerpts and illustrations from BC picture books, and are intended to "spark an interest in stories and reading". 

Le Camion 21's plaque is near Strathcona Park, on Prior Street at Campbell. Another of my books, I Heard My Mother Call My Name, is on a plaque near Carnarvon Park, on W. 19th Avenue at Carnarvon Street.

It's a privilege to be featured on these lovely plaques.